Introducing the iComfort Touch Thermostat

Posted by Ben Hubbert - July 5, 2012 - air conditioner, ChampionAC, San Antonio - 1 Comment

Anytime we start installing a cool, new piece of technology at Champion AC, we like to tell you about it.

And this is pretty cool.

We’re one of the first air conditioning companies in south Texas to install the Lennox iComfort Touchscreen Thermostat. It does everything a high-end programmable thermostat does, plus…

  • …it automatically sends your AC company an email, including specs and details, if your Lennox unit is not working properly. (If you have another brand of system you can still use this thermostat, but it will only alert you of a problem without sending the specs to an AC company.)
  • …it sends you a digital reminder to change your air filters. How helpful is that?
  • …it connects to WI-FI to handle these notifications and has an app that gives you full control on your iPhone, Android, iPad or tablet.

Here’s a demo of the iComfort Touch thermostat. Hope you have a minute to check it out.

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