Free or Low-Cost Efficiency Projects for Fall

Posted by Ben Hubbert - September 19, 2012 - ChampionAC, Energy Tips, San Antonio - No Comments

The arrival of fall over the next couple of weeks is a great time to make some energy-efficient changes around the home. Even better, it’s a great time to make some free or low-cost energy-efficient changes. Here are a few examples.

  • Change out your light bulbs: Fall weather means you have to turn the lights on earlier in the evening. So why not switch out your light bulbs to efficient CFL or LED bulbs? There is a cost for this upgrade, but the energy-efficient bulbs pay for themselves in energy savings over the lifespan of the bulbs.
  • Schedule a fall tune-up: Just like your car needs regular oil changes, your HVAC system needs regular maintenance. It’s recommended that happen once before the summer and again before winter. A tune-up keeps your system running smoothly and efficiently – and includes a carbon monoxide check in the fall.
  • Check your air ducts: According to the National Comfort Institute, about 80% of homes have duct problems. The cooler weather means fall is a perfect time to head up to the attic and check out your ductwork. What should you look for? Kinks, holes, etc. Here are a couple of signs you may have duct problems: hot/cold spots in your home and dust on the top of your doors. If you notice an issue, Champion AC offers free air duct evaluations.


My name is Ben Hubbert. I'm a retired Combat Controller with the United States Air Force. In 2007, I partnered with a good friend to start an air conditioning repair company in San Antonio, TX called Champion AC.

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