Prepare for Mountain Cedar Season

Posted by Ben Hubbert - November 29, 2012 - ChampionAC, San Antonio - No Comments

Courtesy: Dr. Paul Ratner

The countdown is officially on.

We’re about two weeks away.

Are you ready for mountain cedar?

Wait a second, please. I need to sneeze.

Yes, unfortunately, mountain cedar season is likely just a few weeks away. Dr. Paul Ratner tells Champion AC that mountain cedar typically makes its first appearance sometime between mid-December and the end of the month.

In fact, Dr. Ratner posted a picture of early signs of mountain cedar already showing up in Boerne.

So if you suffer from cedar like so many of us do in San Antonio, prepare for the watery, puffy eyes, sniffing and sneezing. But you can help your indoor air quality situation a bit by regularly changing the air filter in your home. Buy a high-quality filter (with a high MERV rating) and change it every two weeks or so until mountain cedar season wraps up in February.

Good luck!

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